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April Rains < april @ nomadicscribe . net > Gender: female Age: 23

PHILOSOPHY I believe that it's time for a new American dream. I think that living your life in the pursuit of stuff is destructive. I consider myself an optimist and I think that the best way to explain my philosophy would be to demonstrate my vision. The life I intend to lead is in sync with nature, learning how best to survive in and tend to our world. I look forward to a life ...(copy thing from DR questionairre about the seasons)... Another important aspect to my vision of the new American dream is an environment where children can grow up without oppression. Children should be able to grow up in an environment where body and mind or man and nature are not black and white, but are one. We need to move past the disection that we have endured in this society.


  • nutrition / cooking
  • overcoming obstacles creatively
  • living in a balanced, positive environment
  • living more in tune with the natural environment
  • problems and solutions of living off the grid
  • survival in the wild
  • appropriate technology for living off the land
  • green & natural building
  • soil conservation & health
  • plant cross-breeding
  • organic farming
  • Native American approach to hunting
  • dreams
  • surrealism
  • biology (psychopharmacology, neurobiology)
  • books

EXPERIENCE I have been exploring whole, natural, nutritious cooking for three years. I have also spent two years as a director/field manager for a non-profit activist organization. I am currently attending a class on Re-evaluation Counseling.


  • organizational skills (extensive)
  • excellent cook - whole grains, organic and/or vegan
  • good at research
  • visual and written creativity
  • mediation
  • excellent communicator
  • really good with kids

WORK EXPERIENCE 5 years customer service (music & book retail, mortage, etc.) 2 years managerial (non-profit) & political organizing

CURRENT SITUATION I am currently working a job that I am unsatisfied with. I'm ready to work for something greater than myself. I am very excited about leading a life that is infused with the things that I find most important in life - community, balance, having pride and love for one's work, and being a part of a lifestyle that has a future. As for right now, I find joy in my research into nutrition and experimentation with different cooking techniques.