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Benjamin Bradley < benjamin @ nomadicscribe . net >
Gender: male
Age: 25

I believe in community-based living, in which each member of the community is inherently interested in the well-being of all other members.
I believe in tribal business, in which a group of people make a living together, seeking to fulfill the needs of the group as a whole, rather than just provide a paycheck to each individual.
I believe in ecological sustainability, in which the way we live supports the surrounding environment for a mutual benefit.
I believe in the fundamental equality of all human beings.
I believe in a sacred approach to life, in which all beings are interconnected.

Philosophical influences include Daniel Quinn, Derrick Jensen, William McDonough and Richard Heinberg.

INTERESTS (in no particular order)
* green and natural building
* organic farming and food production
* permaculture / wholistic, efficient, ecological planning
* renewable energy
* social issues in a community setting (e.g. decision-making, conflict resolution)
* unschooling and student-centric education methods
* listening to/awareness of the natural environment and its patterns
* local/complimentary currency
* using the internet to share ideas to evolve our culture
* democratic / participatory culture

* Solution Design: I enjoy designing efficient, flexible solutions with a rigorous attention to detail.
* Problem Solving / Troubleshooting: I have a keen sense of logical reasoning and am able to recognize patterns and efficiently solve problems with limited resources.
* Organization / Planning: I thoroughly comprehend the work-flow process, and proactively look for opportunities to improve the process behind the work. I designed and taught a curriculum for a new-hire training program at Pervasive Software.
* Software-based Computer issues (configuration, websites, programming)
* Fast learning: I can rapidly assimilate the principles behind new ideas and then generalize them to apply to similar situations.

I am glad to perform physical labor and love working outside.

Fundamentals of Permaculture class (60hrs) - included field work in cob construction and rainwater catchment.
Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine (25hrs) and Wildcrafting (25hrs) - botany, plant identification, preparations, ethics
Fundamentals of Re-evaluation Counseling (16hrs) - peer counseling

My professional (money-earning) experience has focused on computer programming and technical support. A professional resume is available upon request.
1 year - software programmer (web applications)
3 years - technical support
1.5 years - manager of a computer lab at a University

I have a BA in Computer Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin (2002).

* Lost Valley Educational Center, Dexter, OR ( ) - Stayed for two weeks as a work-trader, participated in Heart of Now workshop, performed various tasks including land management, maintenance, child care, cooking/cleaning.
* Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Rutledge, MO ( ) - Stayed for three weeks as part of the visitor program, participated in workshops, lectures and work parties including cob construction, garden work, cooking/cleaning. 

I have finally paid off my last remaining debt (credit cards and student loans). Now that I have my financial obligations out of the way, I will settle for no less than complete happiness. I feel that the way I earn a living should be meaningful and fulfilling, not just for myself, but for my immediate community and beyond. I want to be part of a community of life which encourages health and happiness. So I'm starting out by finding out what's already out there, what people are doing, and how they're doing it. I hope to learn much about myself and community-based living. I may find a place I would like to call home, or find some ideas for what I want my home to look like.

I will spend most of 2006 traveling around the country, visiting various communities focused on sustainable/ecological living. After that, I may choose to return to one of the communities I visited, or continue my journey into other parts of the world, or something else entirely (who knows what the future holds?).