the Winnebago of tents

We went on a trial run camping trip this past weekend to Pedernales Falls state park (about an hour outside of Austin). Our tent totally r0×0rs. April really did her research on this one. The tent is the Base Camp 4 from REI and it is the Winnebago of tents. It has a door on each side, many pockets on the sides in the inside and a hook at the top to hang a lantern. The rain fly extends out over one of the doors (extra pole to hold it up) so that you get sort of a little porch - I think that’ll be great during the rain. One of the more awesome features is the fact that both the top of the tent and the rain fly have matching vents, so that you can have everything all sealed up and then pop open these little zippers at the top of the tent to get some fresh air in/out.
I’m also very pleased with my self-inflating mat and the sleeping bags. The flannel sleeping bag liners we got make it seem like we’re still sleeping in sheets. More later. Still have tons of things to sell on craigslist!

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