is this karma?

In Tucson, our check engine light came on again. I put April in charge this time and she called around to several recommended mechanics in town and at least one of them said that on older (’92) vehicles, the check engine light doesn’t really check very much, and that it’s okay to ignore it. (We followed his advice and the light went off 2 days later).

Apparently the FAT is corrupted (I/O error when reading) on my external hard drive, which contains all of my music, partially-completed projects, old photographs, and other stuff that I won’t know is missing until I really need it.

I noticed the windshield washer reservoir is missing from my car. I called the last garage that worked on the car and while they did not admit to having left it out of my car, they did say that they had a few in the back and I was welcome to come and pick one up. Of course by this time we are several hundred miles away and are not planning on going back to L.A. any time soon. The mechanic helpfully said that I could get one at a salvage yard for $10-15.

My camera stopped working. I can still review pictures on the card, but it won’t take new pictures and the lens seems to be jammed in one position (won’t even close when the camera is turned off). I’ll probably need to send it into Sony and who knows how long that’ll take or how much it’ll cost me. (For my part, I did drop it on the beach at Nehalem Bay, but I cleaned it thoroughly and it had been doing fine since then, until now).

And to top it all off, I got pulled over (for “driving too close to the car in front of me”) when we were about 100 miles from our campsite for the weekend.

Did it seem like I was having too good a time out here?

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  1. Dad Says:

    As I recall, there are two copies of the FAT on a hard drive, and hopefully the second one is not corrupted. You need to change the names or pointers so it looks at the second table.

    You have a piece of sand grit jamming the lens mechanism in your camera. Next time you are in a town of any size, look up the yellow pages for camera repairs and take it in. They may be able to blow it out.
    Because the camera is stuck in the “close” cycle, it won’t let you take more pictures. Try taking out the battery and leaving it for a few minutes.
    Hopefully it will reset.

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