inside and on hold

I’ve found updating this blog very challenging, mainly given the need to filter out the more technical and sanitary details of our day to day, to display here. unfortunately, there are too many emotional and messy aspects to the last three months to make that an easy task.

This trip has had it’s fair share of ajustments, singed circuits and heartbreak. Most of my stay at Dancing Rabbit was a juggle of experiencing the community and trying to fish myself out of a tangle of emotional consequence. With that, I first want to say thank you to everyone there who made that easier, and I’m sorry to everyone just waiting to hear about the place. I’m cofident Benjamin is in the process, now, of documenting a run down of DR’s details. I’ve dedicated myself, instead, on the composure and disection of personal realms that need attention.

We’re currently on break from the trip in Texas until May 25, when we’ll head out again stopping first in Arkansas to stay with my Dad.  

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