While I was staying with April, we watched V for Vendetta. I made a mental connection between it and Fight Club. In each of these films, the show ends with the blowing-up of the establishment (parliament, credit card companies). The establishment is the enemy. It is totalitarian, controlling, oppressive, etc. And the good guys blow it up. Now to me, this is a new kind of story. Maybe hinting towards the “new kind of story” that Daniel Quinn talks about in Ishmael.

April made yummy vegan dumplings with a tomato sauce, I made my famous pinto beans (which seem to have a new recipe every time), we swam in the lake, and April was finally reunited with her cat.

On my way to my next destination, Natchez Trace State Park, I suddenly remembered that I have a friend in Memphis! I called up Mark Dinstuhl (one of the “four horsemen of data integration”) and he let me crash at his place. It’s a studio efficiency converted from a hotel room, but perfect for one person. We shared stories over good beer. What more can one ask for?

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