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 Pittsboro, NC 


Contact Log

e-mailed 7/7/06: Hello, I'm interested in learning about Blue Heron as an ecologically sustainable community. I checked out your website and didn't see any mention of a formal visitor program, so I thought I'd inquire over e-mail. Does Blue Heron have a way for out-of-state visitors to check out the farm? I'd be interested in either a short visit (a day or two) or a longer visit, possibly through a work-trade situation (2-4 weeks).

Thanks, Benjamin

received reply on 8 jul 2006:

Hi Benjamin. An out of state visit could be arranged. You can call me at xxx xxx xxxx or email me at Thanks Roy

sent reply 25 jul 2006:
Sorry that it's taken me so long to get back to you, I've been communicating with several other communities in VA and NC, trying to put my schedule together for the fall. I would be interested in visiting Blue Heron around mid-September sometime. Since I'm traveling this year, I'm living on savings and trying to live as frugally as possible. Do you guys have any work-trade opportunities available? 


same-day reply:
Yes, it will be nice to have you visit us. Question: What do you mean
with work-trade opportunities?

I answered:
Some communities charge for people to stay on a per-night basis, some communities have formal visitor programs which are 2 or 3 weeks long. Some communities have work-trade programs, where visitors work a certain number of hours per week in exchange for room and board. I didn't see any information on your website about visiting Blue Heron, so I was wondering what sort of opportunities are available to an out-of-stater who wants to visit.


he replied 27 Jul 2006:
Sure, we can talk about a work trade program. I can host you in my
house, I have an extra room and bathroom. But first would like to know
a little more about yourself. Also,can you tell what kind of work can
you do?

my reply 27 Jul 2006:
Sure, I'm saved up some money last year and am taking this year to travel around the U.S., visiting several communities focused on ecological living. I'm interested in this type of living myself and want to experience community living first-hand, and learn something about the experience from those who have been doing it already. I am considering membership in an existing community or possibly taking what I'm learning from my trip and starting something entirely new. I want to leave my possibilities open.
As far as work, my professional experience has all been in computer-related stuff - lab management, technical support, programming, etc. I've done some office work but also enjoy working outside - gardening, building maintenance, other labor. I'm a quick study for new processes, am very detail-oriented and work well without supervision.

I've attached my "community resume" which goes into more detail about some of the common visitor questions - philosophy, interests, community and work experience, etc.


P.S. If you need to contact me by phone, my cell # is (my cell)

received reply 28 jul:
Hi Benjamin. Thanks for sending me your resume. It seems that you are
very in line with our values, and that you'll probably get along very
well here. We would love to have you. We can talk about the work-trade
exchange details, if you want. When were you thinking of coming?
I also wanted to congratulate you for the path you are on, it is a
meaningful one and it is encouraging to see people your age going
through it. Feel free to call me or email me.
Take care

sent response:
Hey Roy,
Thanks for your encouraging words! 

Things are starting to get hectic again... the "re-planning" phase of my trip is drawing to a close and I'll be out on the road again on Friday (if all goes as planned). I'm getting very excited about seeing new communities and meeting new people!

I was thinking of coming sometime around mid-September. I'm planning to be at Acorn Community on Sep. 23rd and would want to visit Blue Heron before that, so depending on how long you wanted me, I could be at Blue Heron around the 9th? That would give us two weeks to spend together. If that's too long, just let me know. I am prepared to camp in case the accomodation is a problem.

How does that sound for you guys?


P.S. If you need to reach me by phone, my cell # is xxx-xxx-xxxx

send update 9 aug:
I just got word back from Earthaven Ecovillage - their availability is limited and pushes into the time I was considering at Blue Heron. So, how does the week of Sep. 17 - Sep. 23 look to you guys? Feel free to contact me by phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx. 

roy called on 10 aug:
  • for work-trade - I will probably be working in the garden, helping roy around.
  • expect 2-3 hours a day
  • he mentioned richard heinberg
  • they have a room w/ bathroom
  • family is him, his wife and their 4-year old
  • they have an alchohol (and drug) -free house
  • blue heron has about 20 people - 7 kids (3 perm, 4 part-time)
  • roy works at court as a US Marshall - interpreter
  • he's from uruguay - raised in argentina (wife from argentina)
  • most people work outside of the community
  • call when I'm closer to get directions.