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Also see Purchases for items already purchased and how much they cost.

Think about multiple uses wherever possible

Our REI gift registry is partially a wish list and partially a visual reference

needed already have undecided/en-route/considerations



These are items which it would be nice to have if we have enough space to pack them:

  • solar shower (would need to buy one)
  • hair trimmer (free hair cuts for BB - already own it)
  • video camera (loan from Miguel)


internet cell phone plan

decided to go with: t-mobile unlimited internet for my laptop through my cell phone as a modem.
called - talked to sharon- xfer to wireless data department 5.06-5.07
talked to justin- emp # 0653340 razr would cost 280 with no contract. contract discout applies only to phones, not plans

possible plan changes:
  • preferred member - 29.99 for 350 - includes only free weekends
  • current plan - 39.99

razr will cost 149.98 with 12-montnh contract. contract renewed for 12 months from today (2-17-06)
14 days to take equipment protection program - $5.99 w/ $110 deductible (full price of phone is $280)
unlimited internet 19.99/mo - flat rate.
total monthly charge/rate will be: 59.98/mo
can suspend service for $10/mo for up to 90 days, and can always remove internet service or scale back to lower plan

cell phone w/ bluetoothordered a RAZR from t-mobile - $150 w/ 1-year contract.
extra PB batteryextra battery for powerbook - $130
more memory for camera1 GB memory stick pro duo - $70
car power adapter for powerbook

$80 @ apple store; $54 + S&H @ macmall -shady seller?; $57-no S&H @

40+ GB mp3 playerCreative zen touch - check fry's return policy. they have it for $270. if i buy it and it won't work with my powerbook and i can take it back to fry's to trade for an ipod, buy it from them. otherwise buy online (pricegrabber?)
battery rechargersolar powered battery recharger charges D, C, AA and AAA batteries
Area lightLED remote controlled lantern with a battery life of 10,000 hours!


Tentthis is the best one I've found as of yet. The REI Base Camp 4

some older one's I was considering: Lumbok Winchester

Tent Footprintone is made just for our tent. It will protect our tent.


Pots and Panshere are the pots and pans I REALLY want. GSI Bugaboo Teflon Cookset. May also be able to use camping cookware from Grace.
disheswe've decided on 2 of each: stainless steel enamel plates, bowls, soup bowls, and cups. (best found at army, navy store). Possibly from Karen Jean?
knives for cooking & utilityApril's Ginsu set
Propane stoveDonated by Benjamin's Mom... yay!
Cooking accessoriessmall plastic containers for spices, salt and pepper, biodegradable multipurpose soap, large plastic dish tub for storage and cleaning. biodegradable multipurpose soap


twin size air mattress 1 sweet For April's poor back
self-inflating mat1for Benjamin - I want something durable, small to carry, and easy to use.
sleeping bags 2 Two 20 degree dura loft micron sleeping bags
Sleeping bag liner 1 Either flannel or (if I can afford it) Thermolite
Sleeping bag liner 1Benjamin got a special embroidered one for christmas!


Hiking Socks3/?I've done the most researh on our tent and our socks. I've found that REI wool socks are the best quality for the best price (Medium for April and Large for Benjamin). there are 3 different kind of socks we'll need:

Liner socks Hiking socks Expedition socks

Clothing - Cold Weather:

(One big thing research has taught me about proper clothing in the outdoors is that cotton is the WORST material to wear. Some of the best being polypropylene, Polyester, wool, nylon and spandex.)

Warm winter outer shell jacket2should be “waterproof” and “breathable” with a hood (detachable if possible). The liner should be synthetic fiber like polypropylene or a poly-nylon blend. (an important feature to look for is ample ventilation options such as a full front zips and armpit zippers.)

I found one for me and Benjamin at Academy Sports for $69 nearly identical to this one at REI

Middle layer – fleece or wool sweaters Benjamin has several. April?A very versatile option is a wool zip-up hoody sweater with large hand warmer pockets.

I LOVE this one, but am looking for a much less expensive version. Pink and Brown wool hoody

Benjamin has a couple of fleeces, so I don't think he's really interested in getting much more for the cold. (besides he's british *pssht*)
Inner LayerApril has, Benjamin needsthin polypropylene or polyester “thermals” long sleeve or tank tops and bottoms. Mom is going to loan me her really nice thermals. We found some really nice ones at the army navy store for Benjamin.
Clothing - Warm Weather:


lockboxfor important things like passports, some cash, etc.
file boxplastic, durable file box for bills and other important papers.

Personal items

toiletriesthey should all be either unscented or scented with a bug repelling scent such as eucalyptus, tea tree, citris, rosemary, citranella or basil.
laundry bag
rain geartwo ponchos - repeated below
work gloves
hatBenjamin has one; April needs one summer sun sheild hat

Medical supplies

extensive first aid kitwe have 2 kits, including bandages and pills/meds
anti-venom kit
bug bite treatment
Bug repellant Burt's bees - we have at least part of a bottle of this already, and two anti-bug clothing-protection kits

Survival stuff

water (2 gals)
can of gasoline

Emergency gear

to carry with us at all times
compassoh lordy, we have about 5 now
map of the areaacquire as needed
emergency blanket1 down 1 to go
water purification tabletshave 30 - 1 litre each, 4 hour purification time
water bottlehave two thermoses and a military canteen
rain ponchowe have 2
water-proof matches
4 safety pins

Ideal kit

Random Items

rope (medium)need more?
sewing kitneed heavy duty thread?
bungee cords
duct tape
cleaning soapWe have 1 small bottle of camp suds. Dr. Bronner's? - 1qt/$13 @ REI
solar shower$20 @ REI
tarps (2)extra tarps for extra weather protection and/or tent repair


musical instrumentshand drum, harmonica, guitar
booksfor reading
pen/paper/journalfor writing
goand other compact games?
playing cardsUno, Magic, poker
music playercd player and CDs (April); mp3 player (Benjamin)