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e-mailied 13 oct 2006:

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Benjamin Bradley and I am in the middle of a several-month road trip around the United States to visit intentional communities. It started as a research trip, to see what community life is like, why people are drawn to it, what it offers in the way of solutions and challenges, etc. but as time has gone by I'm leaning more towards actually moving into a community at some point next year. The lifestyle just seems to make so much sense to me and the people I've met are my kind of people. I have been to several so far, including Lost Valley, Dancing Rabbit, Earthaven Ecovillage and East Wind among others. Sirius community was recommended to me by several other people I've met along the way and I will be in the northeast in a few weeks, so I would like to see if a visit is possible. I saw on your website that you have options for a community-experience weekend and a two-month apprenticeship, but I was wondering if it might be possible to visit for a time-period in between - maybe one or two weeks? Since I'm living off of savings this year, I'm trying to live as inexpensively as possible, so I'm also interested in any work-exchange opportunities you have available. I know that you stop taking visitors after December 15th as well. I'm planning on celebrating Thanksgiving with my sister in upstate NY, so some time between then and Dec. 15 would be ideal for me, if it would work out for you guys. I'm happy to give you more information about myself or references from other communities if you would like them.Thanks for your time.


2006 oct 16:

Hi Benjamin, Freddie's answer sounded complicated so to answer you more concisely, yes, you can visit as a work exchange guest for the two weeks you would like to explore the community. For 4 hrs of work in our work departments each day, you will receive our lowest rate of $25 including 3 meals. Work runs Tues. through Sat. and Sun and Mon are usually days off. There is still gardening happening and usually maintenance to do. Let us know what dates you would like to come and we will let the Work dept. focalizers know to expect someone. You don't have to hunt around yourself. Once you are here, if you like the place, you might talk to our Apprenticeship focalizer, look into winter rentals (if available), decide to stay for longer work exchange or exploring membership (needs permission). This is a nice time of year to visit. Thanks for your interest and it is nice to know there are folks out there recommending the community. I hope this answer helps you in your decision to visit and we look forward to meeting you. blessings, karren for sirius community

Greetings, Benjamin

I am yet another office person responding to your emails! I just wanted to let you know that we would be delighted to have you with us. And, yes, we do make exceptions on rare occasions -- but you must talk with Brice, a community member who is also focalizer for the guest dept. His cell phone is 413-530-8069.

I have reserved a space for you beginning on the 26th. We have room after that as well, since our busy season is over by Thanksgiving.

We look forward to having you with us! Many blessings, Susan