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 Ecovillage Training Center
PO Box 90 Summertown, TV 38483-0090 USA



  • The standard charge is $1200 for 5 weeks. We offer a reduction for special needs, such as persons coming from the 3rd or 4th worlds or already living in ecovillages.
  • Before or after the apprenticeship program we may have limited staff opportunities. We pay $250 per week (or $100/wk if we provide you food and lodging).
  • NOT OK to just call or drop by. full details on how to sign up at

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How to apply:

  • There is no form to use. Applicants should send an email explaining their interest and qualifications and stating what dates are best for them. The process of selection for the coming season is concluded by February of each year. Some openings may still occur after that date so apply anyway if you are late in applying. We always consider additional programs or work-exchange between programs if demand is high enough.