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 138 Twin Oaks Rd #W
 Louisa, VA 23093

Size: 80 adults / 15 children
Accomodations: Visitors are housed in our 6-bedroom, 2-bathroom visitor building.
Cost: sliding scale $50-$250 for 3-week visit
Availability: year-round (schedule)
Dates: oct. 13 - nov. 2Twin Oaks Exit Letter

(Internships: internship information (2-6 months))
Visitations: visitor program (3 weeks)

visitor process:

  1. write a letter of introduction
  2. indicate 1st, 2nd, 3rd choices of visitor sessions
  3. each person should write their own letter (ok to send via e-mail, in body - not attachment)

Twin Oaks Letter of Introduction

Contact Log

Dear Valerie, I'm interested in visiting Twin Oaks during one of the visitor periods this fall. I am taking this year to travel the U.S. and visit several communities. I'm interested in learning about each community and learning its particular character and atmosphere. I have visited Dancing Rabbit already and am familiar with the FEC. I'm also interested in the various businesses at Twin Oaks. My introduction letter is below. I do not yet have a preference for which visitor period I would like to attend, since I am trying to schedule several visits for the fall months, and would like to know which ones are still available. I am journaling my experiences this year on a website at

Cheers, Benjamin Bradley --Benjamin 21:34, 7 July 2006 (PDT)

received reply from valerie on 18 jul 2006:
Hello Benjamin,

Thanks for your message and your interest in Twin Oaks! I'm glad
you're interested in visiting us. We can be your east coast community
experience, following Lost Valley and Dancing Rabbit. (west and

You asked about which visitor groups were still available for the
general autumn timeframe. August 18 - September 7 (not quite autumn
but I thought I'd mention it) is filling up fast, but does still have
openings. All of the groups following that one have openings as well.
(they start Sept 15, then Oct 13, then Nov 10) So at this point, you
pretty much can have your pick, although especially with the August
group, as it gets closer, it may fill up.

I'll wait to hear from you with your choice(s), and assuming there
are still spaces, then I'll go ahead and schedule you.

Please let me know if there's more I can do, and I'm looking forward
to meeting you.

In cooperation,

sent response 21 Jul 2006:
Thanks for your response! I'm still putting together my schedule for the fall, still ironing things out. I think I'd like to sign up for the Oct. 13 group. And then if I need to shuffle things around, I'll contact you again to see what's available on your end. 

I think I might visit Acorn as well - do the two communities interact very much?


received visitation confirmation & info from valerie:
Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for that info. I've scheduled you for the Oct 13 visitor group
(official confirmation information below). If you need to change
groups as your plans change, as long as we have notice ahead of time
(the farther ahead the better) it's no problem to change. And yes, we
have quite a bit of contact with Acorn, you could certainly contact
them and try to arrange a visit either immediately before or after
your visit here. Please let me know if there's more you need, and
otherwise, here's your confirmation:

I'm writing to confirm to you that there will be a visitor period at
Twin Oaks from October 13 - November 2.  This is your invitation to
join that visitor period.  Welcome!

As of today, there is a space reserved for you in that visitor
period.  If for some reason it turns out that you can't make it for
your visit, please let me know as soon as possible, so that we can
offer that space to someone else.

The Visiting Twin Oaks brochure should have given you all the
information you need for your visit.  If you haven't read the
brochure, please read it online at <> "Visitor
Program" link. It has a list of what to bring for your visit. (we can
also send you a print copy, let me know if you'd like one).

We ask that arrive on the Friday afternoon that your visitor group
starts. We do need to know your TRAVEL PLANS for getting here, so
that we can arrange to pick you up in town if necessary.  Please read
the Travel Information below.  We need to know AHEAD OF TIME how
you'll be arriving, so please let us know as soon as you have that
information.  Thea is our travel correspondent, and the information
can be sent to her. (please tell her the dates of your visitor group)

Your Name
The Dates of your Visitor Group
How You're Arriving (car / bus / train)
Time You'll Be Arriving In Charlottesville (if applicable)

DO NOT send your travel plans to me (many visitors mistakenly do
this). Send them to Thea at at  <>.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me
at Twin Oaks. Let Thea know if you need directions.

Travel Information: Twin Oaks is located in Louisa county, Virginia,
45 minutes outside of Charlottesville. It is not served by public
transportation. If you are travelling by car, please arrive on the
day the visitor period starts by 5:00 pm at the latest.   We
recommend NOT using Mapquest/Yahoo, etc. since due to a glitch in
their mapping software, they send you to the wrong entrance of Twin
Oaks and it's very confusing to find the right one.

Public Transportation: Air, bus, and train connections can be made to
Charlottesville from all over the country.  Please plan to arrive in
Charlottesville by 3 pm on Friday, the first day of the visitor
period, if you want a ride to Twin Oaks. Someone on our town trip can
meet you at the bus,  train, or airport terminal. You'll need to
contact us ahead of time requesting a ride, confirming the date and
time of your arrival and giving details of your travel arrangements
(eg. airline flight number, bus or train station). Depending on the
errands on the town trip for the day, the driver may arrive to pick
you up anytime between 1:30 and 3:00 pm. If it is impossible or
difficult for you to arrive on Friday in time to meet our town trip,
you may be able to make an alternative arrangement by  requesting
this ahead of time. (a separate trip costs $15, which we would ask
that you cover).

Early and Late Arrivals: If you arrive early, you may need to wait a
while to be picked up. You could bring a book, or people- watch. If
your plane, bus, or train is delayed, phone Twin Oaks (540-894-5126)
during office hours. Let  us know your expected time of  arrival and
where you'll be waiting. Make sure the person answering the phone
understands that you need to be picked up.

 Returning Home: The last full day of a three-week visit is
Thursday. Visitors leave Twin Oaks on Friday. There is an obligatory
month-away before a visitor can return to Twin Oaks as a member (ten
days for an intern). Visitors returning home by public transportation
can get a ride to Charlottesville with the town trip on Friday. We
can get you to town by 9:30 am.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We're looking forward
to your visit!

   In cooperation,
 Twin Oaks 540-894-5126