Saturday morning

It’s such a strange and overwhelming feeling to sit in a perfect balance of emotions, bliss and desire. I would never think of myself to someone who would describe a breeze as delicious, but I guess that’s because I hadn’t met it yet. There I was in our tent awaken by a single bird’s song and rose from my tent to be enshrouded by a delicious wind.
We’re again camping by a lake, but this time it’s a huge lake. The sun is reflecting off the water. It’s so bright it’s hard to look, but I do. I’m home sick. Being by a lake makes me want to be by THE lake. Waking up every morning like this, to a gentle wind coming in from the mountain and to the lake waters that are my lullaby at night, rocking me to sleep and my playmate by day stirring me out of bed with excitement.
We’re finally experiencing spring. With a spotty March (and half of April) going from cold to hot then cold again (CA, Tucson, then Flagstaff… different versions of spring that clashed and through us off) we’re finally here. A kansas spring is delicate and smooth. It’s heaven in the morning and close to dusk and a little warm throughout the day. There are dandelions and shepard’s purse blooming everywhere. Now I know where to go to make dandelion wine.
Today should be the last sprint of driving, then we’ll be close enough to Dancing Rabbit to relax and enjoy a couple nights in the tent.

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