pictures from Dancing Rabbit

Since my camera was busted when we got to Dancing Rabbit, I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of my own. Luckily, Richard, another visitor in our group, had a camera and shared some of his pictures with us.

Kids playing on the hammock swing. Skyhouse (L) and Common House (R) in the back

Skyhouse ahead, grain bin to the right

Our visitor group

Working on a cob wall

Weeding the herb garden

Digging ditches for asparagus

Planting trees for restoration

Walking to the stream

Checking stream quality

Playing monopoly

Subbing out for the ultimate game

Playing ultimate frisbee

Humey stall in the common house

Solar shower outside

Weekly planning meeting

Living room at skyhouse

Bella ciao

Thomas’ wigwam

Inside the grain bin
Rich, our photographer.

See Rich’s entire photo album here.

Some favorite shots: “Compost Kitty” group shot after ultimate frisbee a butterfly

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