Bon Paul and Sharky’s Hostel - Asheville, NC

I drove through the Great Smoky mountains on the way from Knoxville to Asheville, and OMFG they are beautiful!!

Instead of staying 2 nights at the Knoxville hostel (which was a fine hostel), I decided to mosey down the road to Asheville, NC. The hostel descriptions sounded more interesting (i.e. interesting ammenities and cooler stuff nearby). I chose Bon Paul and Sharky’s hostel because it was $5 cheaper than the Arthaus hostel. Asheville is freaking cool!!! It’s got a very progressive vibe - there was a local brewpub and a food co-op within walking distance. There is a big emphasis on local food through the Appalacian Sustainable Agriculture Project. I had a really great time hanging out with the guests at the hostel.

I hung out with a German girl named Lena quite a bit. The highlight of the hostel stay was when we went to Pisgah National Forest on Friday with another hostel guest named Nazar (from Ukraine). The first destination in the park was Sliding Rock, which has been smoothed over the years into a natural water slide. I’d guess it was 40-50 feet from top to bottom and maybe a 30 degree angle. It empties directly into an 8-foot pool. The water, however, is freezing cold. We each went down a few times and then dried off on some rocks under the sun. (Video: the ascent, Lena, Nazar - MPG, each about 6 MB)

We stopped at Looking Glass falls and then took a short (hour and a half) hike on one of the shorter trails (3.2 mi). Afterwards, we were all starving, so we had some BBQ at a local place.

First impressions of Earthaven - this place is fricking huge! And OMG I had to drive on the windiest (lots of twists and turns) road ever to get here. Seriously. Like more windy than that crazy windy road in San Francisco. More to come!

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