plans vs reality

Yeah, so things didn’t really work out like that (do they ever?). It took all day for the garage to fix my car (they replaced the boots, not the axle), so we didn’t leave Ada until 5pm on Thursday. Karen Jean generously offered to pay for a hotel room for us Thursday night, and we accepted, staying at a motel near Amarillo, TX. Friday night, however, we camped out at the Grand Canyon, and checked out the sights this morning (Saturday morning). Pics coming soon for all of the above.
Tonight we’re in a motel room in Salt Lake City. We were going to camp at Bryce Canyon, but didn’t have a number for them (and because of shitty cell reception, couldn’t get one) so we couldn’t make a reservation, so by the time we got out there, they were well past closed. We decided to just dig in and drive another 3 hours into Salt Lake City so we can get a head start tomorrow morning. We will run some errands and then see the Bonneville salt flats on our way to the Sawtooth National Forest near Twin Falls, Idaho. After that we’ll camp somewhere near Eugene/Dexter, OR on Monday and Tuesday nights.
I also want to give a shout-out to my “homies” in Austin, whose company I miss!
Also, thanks to everyone leaving comments. It’s encouraging to know that people read this thing!

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  1. Chandengui Says:

    Hey Benji, sorry to hear about the car. many times I stop my self from asking you if your car was in good shape, because I was afraid to jinx it. But I guess is all about the road trip.

    PICTURES !!!!!!!!!

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