picture post!!

Finally got a chance to upload some pics from the past few days.

Ada, Oklahoma:
Benjamin and April with Karen Jean and “latte” (poking out of Karen’s shirt):
Benjamin, Karen Jean and April in Ada, Oklahoma
A sunset in Ada:
Sunset in Ada, Oklahoma

Driving through New Mexico:
Besides the cool cloud patterns, there were some great gradients in the sky color:
driving-clouds5.jpg driving-clouds3.jpg driving-clouds1.jpg

Grand Canyon, Arizona:
Mather Point:
Benjamin at Grand Canyon Benjamin and April at the Grand Canyon grand canyon-view-april.thumbnail.jpg grand canyon-view6.thumbnail.jpg grand canyon-view1.thumbnail.jpg
Observation tower and view from the tower at Desert View:
Grand Canyon: Observation Tower at Desert View grand canyon-view7.thumbnail.jpg

When we got up in the morning, our water jug was frozen solid. The thermometer we keep in the car said it was 25 degrees F when we checked it at 9am.
Frozen water jug - Grand Canyon

Driving through Arizona:
driving-az-plateaus.jpg driving-az-plateaus3.jpg driving-az-snow1.jpg driving-az-snow2.jpg
Painted Desert pictures:
Painted Desert driving-az-painted desert4.thumbnail.jpg Painted Desert

Driving through Utah:
The moon in Utah driving-ut-mountains8.jpg driving-ut-mountains5.jpg driving-ut-mountains3.jpg
Bonneville Salt Flats:
driving-ut-salt flats1.thumbnail.jpg driving-ut-salt flats2.thumbnail.jpg

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