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 1 Dancing Rabbit Lane
 Rutledge, MO 63563

Cost: $50 deposit + $50+ (sliding scale)
Dates: April 17th-May 8

Internships: Internship information 2005 - 4 people for 3 months during June, July and August. Work expectation is 30 hours per week with a 3-month commitment. participate in cooking, chore rotations and bi-weekly business meetings, averaging about 12 hours/week total.

Transportation: If you intend to arrive at Dancing Rabbit by car, let us know and we'll give you directions. However, we can also pick you up at the bus station, airport, or train station (we heartily encourage trying Amtrak, and we're conveniently located near three major train routes).

Contact Log

        • sent e-mail:

Hi there, I don't know to whom I am writing, or else I would greet you by name. I am interested in visiting Dancing Rabbit sometime in 2006 and was hoping to discuss this possibility with you. I have read through some of your website, including the internship info and the mission statement/sustainability goals/etc. I realize you are probably just finishing up your 2005 internships, so you may not yet be thinking about next year, but I wanted to start the process early. I and my girlfriend April will be traveling the country next year visiting sustainable communities to live and work with them and learn from their experience. So I guess a first question would be - will you have internship opportunities available next year, and if so, what time frame will they be?

Thanks, Benjamin Bradley --Benjamin 22:12, 15 Sep 2005 (PDT)

        • received response from Suzanne:

Hi Benjamin,

We will have internships in 2006--we don't know the details of the program yet. Most likely they will run from June 1st-end of August however we are pretty flexible about dates. I will put you on our list to receive information about internships when we have it.

You could also choose to come as a visitor--we now have a 3 week visitor program and although we aren't yet scheduling visits for 2006, most likely we will have one such program each month from May--October. I am including a letter/questionnaire about visiting at the end of this email.



Also included in response: Dancing Rabbit visitor questionnaire

        • received response from Jennifer:

Dear Benjamin,

Thank you for your responses to our visitor questionnaire. We are excited that you are interested in visiting us. I am also looking forward to reading April's responses as well.

I would love to help you coordinate a trip to Dancing Rabbit next year. At this time, we have not yet determined our 2006 visitor schedule, but it looks as though the schedule will include another 3 week visitor program opportunity for persons who are interested in determining whether DR could be their next home. I hope that we can coordinate your visit to occur during one of these programs.

Let's stay in touch, and when we have finalized our schedule for 2006, we will be happy to help you schedule a visit to Dancing Rabbit!

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask!

Sincerely, Jennifer, Visitor Team --Benjamin 08:46, 20 Sep 2005 (PDT)

        • e-mail from Jennifer (list)

Dear Benjamin,


Thank you for your interest in Dancing Rabbit Internship Opportunities for 2006.

The Dancing Rabbit Internship Team has been working over the past month to

finalize details of our 2006 internship program. These details have been posted on our website, at http://dancingrabbit.org/social_change/interns.php

Please take a moment to view our post. If you are interested in receiving either further details or an application for a specific internship position, please contact us.

Thank you!

Sincerely, Jennifer, Internship Team Member DR

        • and my reply:

Jennifer, thanks for the info. I and my partner April are *definitely* interested. Please send me an application. I guess we don't really need two, since everything's digital :) I'm also excited to see your Internship program has been extended to April-November. I feel certain that we will be able to come out to work with you guys in the coming year.

Cheers, Benjamin --Benjamin 08:24, 21 Oct 2005 (PDT)

        • I e-mailed a followup:

Greetings Rabbits, It's been a while since I last e-mailed (city life has been rather hectic). I am writing to follow up on the internship program for 2006. I and my partner April are interested in participating and working with you guys. I have attached below her responses to your questionairre and while I sent my answers a while ago, I would be happy to resend them if you like. Hopefully you still have some spots open for the internship? If so, we would like an application(s). We would probably be most interested in visiting early (April-May) or late (September-November), depending on what's best for you guys.

Cheers, Benjamin attached: April's reply to Dancing Rabbit visitor questionnaire --Benjamin 21:13, 9 Nov 2005 (PST)

        • received (11 Nov 2005):

Hi Benjamin and April,

Thanks for sending in the questionnaire for April. We have not quite got our internships worked out for next year but we will have them. I see that you like cooking and I know that one of our internships will be for a cooking internship--helping to set up a vegan food coop for interns and visitors in our common house kitchen. Here is our general application: details on specific internships won't be available until later in the fall. Besides cooking, internships will focus on natural building, or gardening.

We can take applications now but won't be able to get back to you about your application until February.

Thanks for your interest!

Suzanne Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

including attachment: 2006 Dancing Rabbit Internship Application

Hello Susan or other Rabbit! Below is my internship application for the general internship. My partner April will be traveling with me and I assume she needs a seperate application (since she has different answers!) - she is interested in the cooking internship. Does it use a different set of questions for the "application" or is it the same as the one below?

Thanks, Benjamin Bradley

P.S. Please let me know if you need anything else from me.

        • reply recv'd 17 Jan 2006:

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for turning in your application. There is some bad news--since you have last written, we have decided that we are not going to be hosting an internship program this year. We do not have anyone available to coordinate the program this year. However we are going to be focusing a lot of energy on our visitor program. We will have a 3 week visiting period each month with workshops, fun events etc. planned from April to Sept. I see that you are hoping to come for 6-8 weeks. It could work out well for you to come for a 3 week visit and then apply for residency while you are here and stay for however many more weeks you wanted. I think that it would be great to have you both here--I enjoyed reading your questionnaires and think you would probably really enjoy Dancing Rabbit and vice versa.

The dates for our three week visitor program will be:

April 17th-May 8th May 29th-June 19th July 10-July 31 Aug. 14-Sept. 4 Sept. 18-Oct. 6th

Do you think that a three week visit might suit your needs? You would get to participate in everything as a visitor that you would as an intern. The difference would be that it wouldn't be quite as structured or as long of an experience. The other difference is that you would have to pay a $25 deposit to reserve your spot and a sliding scale fee of $25-150 to cover the costs of your visit.

In your questionnaire, you mentioned perhaps wanting to interview people--you shouldn't have any problem finding 4/5 people who would be interested in that. I can let other people know you are interested before you arrive.

Take care

Suzanne Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

        • replied 18 Jan 2006:

Suzanne, I'm sorry to hear about the intership program, but I definitely understand. I'm sure it's a full-time job to coordinate an internship program like that. A three-week visit sounds like the next best thing. Probably the first session (April 17-May 8) would work best for us, although we are flexible. We are trying to live as inexpensively as possible during our trip, so hopefully we can pay around the lower side of the scale. Would we each need to pay a deposit, or just one for both of us?

Cheers, Benjamin

        • received 18 Jan 2006:

Hi Benjamin,

Great! April 17th-May 8th works well for us. And, if it is a hardship, one deposit is fine. All right, I'm attaching below a letter with more information about what to bring etc. Do you know how you are going to be travelling yet?

Looking forward to meeting you and April!


included: Visiting Dancing Rabbit

        • sent 6 Feb 2006:

Suzanne, I need to send you guys the deposit for our visit in April-May. My partner and I have just opened a joint checking account for our shared expenses and only have temporary checks right now. I was wondering if you would accept these temporary checks (they are real checks with our account number on them, but don't have our names or an address). If that will not work, I can send a check from my personal account. Let me know what will be best for you.

To answer your question about how we're traveling, we will be driving in my trusty Toyota Corolla. Unfortunately, our car will be packed with our camping gear, or else I would offer a ride to someone else coming in to DR.

Cheers, Benjamin

        • received reply 7 Feb 2006:

Hi Benjamin,

A temporary check is just fine. I'm adding driving directions below sinced you are driving.

Looking forward to meeting you and April!

cheers, Suzanne included: Driving to Dancing Rabbit

        • sent 5 Apr 2006:

Hello Rabbits, I haven't talked to any of you since February (see below) but wanted to make sure that everything is still on for the visitor days between April 17-May 8th. What time of day should April and I arrive at DR on the 17th? We will probably be coming from Des Moines, where I have a friend. We had a wonderful experience at Lost Valley Educational Center near Eugene, OR and are looking forward to spending time with you Rabbits!

Cheers, Benjamin

        • received reply 5 Apr 2006:

Hi Benjamin! We are looking forward to your visit as well. I'll look forward to hearing about Lost Valley. Visitors will be arriving at all different times on that day so really whenever is fine. A couple of hours before either lunch (noon) or dinner (6:30pm) might be good to aim for--then you'd have time to set up your tent and rest. But really, whenever is fine.