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Initial expenses are being recorded at Purchases.

We should think about:

  • inital savings
  • where we will Work along the way

Monthly Budget - shared expenses:

Gas$771000 mi @ ($2.70/gal * 35mpg = $0.077/mi)
car insurance$50
Oil changes$20$50/3 months
Fees, incidental expenses$200 
Cell phone/internet$70basic service=$40, internet=$20, taxes & fees ~ $10
Birth Control$50 
Food$100non-traveling food budget is $200/mo for both, stops will provide food

current total:$587Feb. - Nov. (inclusive)=10 months. ~ $6000 total

Expected savings: $3000 ea @ 2 = $6000.

I'd like to research Dumpster Diving laws along the way. Some places it's legal, some places it isn't. We should know beforehand.